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by Jonathon Storm

Your Rights & Restrictions Using EARTHTUNES

“Our” and “we” refer to the EARTHTUNES business whose website is Our recordings, graphics, text and visual products (our products, referred to as “them” or referred to by the media our products are stored on, such as the digital files, CDs, portable digital storage media, cloud-shared files, or any storage media that will arise in the future) are all copyrighted. Unauthorized use, posting, re-posting, duplication, sampling, sharing (including peer-to-peer), reworking, streaming or broadcast is a violation of applicable US and International Laws–as well as a violation of your moral integrity. We adjure you to use our products appropriately, according to our generous grant of rights.

We ask the judge of the universe to bring discipline upon those who abrogate these terms, in increasing severity, until they change their ways, to comply with these terms, seeking to undo the harm created by their violation of their moral integrity.

We grant to end-users who purchase (or freely download from our authorized download site) our products, from us, the following terms. These terms apply to all who have our products bequeathed to them according to the terms established herein.

  1. You may use our products for your personal use anywhere; for yourself as well as for your family. Further, you may loan our products (whether as digital files, on portable digital media, CDs, or any other means that may arise in the future) to friends; but they may not copy them for themselves—they must use your CD or digital copy, afterwards returning it to you or deleting it.
  2. For each copy you have purchased, you may load digital copies of it onto your home computer and sound/entertainment system for use only within your family home, for family use only. You may also load copies to your family’s backup locations: locations that you solely control and monitor, whether on your own computer network or that which is provided to your family, yet is stored in the cloud. (All peer-to-peer networking outside your family’s internal home network is disallowed. To load them there is to steal from us—this is forbidden.)
  3. You may not use our products in any of your own works: your art, your music, your images, your written works. (You may ask permission; email, thoroughly spelling out your request.).
  4. You may not use any of our recordings on a website, social media, radio, television, nor publicly-available multi-media presentation. (You may use them as a minor element as an illustration element in a presentation you personally present, where that presentation is not a means of you making money.)
  5. You may not use them for any commercial use; nor for making you money; nor as a bribe nor payoff.
  6. We encourage you to, and grant you the right to, in your legally- established will, bequeath all the physical and digital products you obtain from us, to one family that is younger than you are. (A family may be an individual; a couple; a parent with children; or parents with children. This family may be related to you, or have no relation to you. They should be a family that will be happy to use our products.) The rights and restrictions in this license transfer to them, and to every generation after them, following the same procedure. They and every generation after them are bound by this same license agreement with all its terms, in perpetuity. It is our hope that the products you, the original purchaser, have obtained, will stay in use forever. There is no further purchase beyond your initial purchase, to set this ongoing behest in place. These terms continue to be in force even if EARTHTUNES the business ceases to exist.
  7. Outside of the home, you may only play audio recordings or display images or video in your workspace, educational/charitable/scientific or religious institution for yourself or your organization’s employees/members/attendees, if you receive authorization from us ( and if the recordings are kept within the organization’s controlled and contained network and not distributed beyond it. Digital copies of the originals may be used for this playback. You must provide audible or visible credit, listing the artist’s name, as well as EARTHTUNES and the album/image/video name.
  8. For businesses, museums, visitor centers and other public institutions or organization; you may only play EARTHTUNES as background music/ambiance for your customers or your employees. Please email to receive authorization. These special terms apply:
    • You cannot incorporate any sound into any other program; nor can you dissect sounds or the soundtrack. You must play the whole album or whole tracks or portions of tracks.
    • You must give some centrally-visible public notification of the artist and series name and contact points for listeners. You may instead provide this aurally when the sounds from the series are started or stopped.
    • All copies of the recordings must be kept within the organization’s full control on their own network. You may also load copies to your organization’s backup locations: locations that you solely control and monitor, whether on your own computer network or that which is provided to your organization, yet is stored in the cloud. (All peer- to-peer networking outside your organization’s internal network is forbidden.)