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by Jonathon Storm

Our Founder’s Vision

Our founder, Jonathon R. H. Storm, wrote this 15 September 2019 at the 1862 Confederate Breast Works exhibit and trail at Shenandoah Pass, near Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness Area in George Washington National Forest, Virginia, USA.

For 40 years I’ve been backpacking, camping and exploring the wilderness. This remains a necessity for me, personally. Why has this remained an imperative for my life? Because my inner-most being wants what I wanted as a teenager. I want to spend as much time in the wilderness as I can, alone (or with close, trustworthy, faithful and good friends). I want to do this on weekend trips and, as I’m able, weave it into the daily shared life with my wife. That’s my mission and vision and purpose with EARTHTUNES. Whatever I bring back from the wilderness is what I receive in the wilderness (and as I go through life). I am, in and of myself, nothing extraordinary. But I have been equipped in the natural world with what I’ve found there. And what I have found there is good, oh my friends, it is good!

When I was was listening to the sounds and taking in the beauty outdoors as a boy and as a young man, I was drawn to this lifelong call: to be in the natural world to be equipped with goodness, trustworthiness, faithfulness and integrity, so that I may live life to the fullest! And I was drawn to invite others to to be so-prepared, to walk in the fullness of this equipping. Long and productive life, helping and serving others with good things that fulfill ethical and good human needs.

This burden I plan to continue to carry to my dying day. This is what EARTHTUNES is all about.