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by Jonathon Storm

Postal address: EARTHTUNES
Post Office Box 1012 Norfolk, Virginia, 23501 United States of America

You may email us at one of the following email addresses, or fill out the form on our website. If you wish to have end-to-end encrypted email with us, please sign up for a ProtonMail free Basic account (with limited features) at When you email from your ProtonMail account to these email addresses, your email should be private. (If you email from any other provider, full privacy is not possible.) Please do not email any private information, except by ProtonMail.

Our email infrastructure is serviced by ProtonMail, providing the highest level of security and privacy ( Those who want the best available email privacy and security (from commercial, governmental and other email surveillance) should obtain a free ProtonMail email account at, and email us only through that account.

At this time we do nature sound recording, production, sales and service through our website on a volunteer basis; we make very little money, if any. Consequently, we may be unable to answer your question or provide you timely service on issues not pertaining to a paid product order. Please understand that we have full-time work plus family life to attend to; we must take time from these requirements of life to help our customers. (When we are able to make more than enough money to cover our expenses, then we’ll be able to provide better service.)

We have provided much information in our About documents and website section; you may check out our FAQ section too.