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by Jonathon Storm

Our Purpose

Our vision comes with commitment to these imperatives: we won’t compromise.

You Get Life-Giving Experiences

Nature music for work, study, sleep and life—and more!

Our quality workmanship is among the best available. Our nature sound products faithfully reproduce the natural world. Our classic EARTHTUNES albums are designed to help you relax or sleep; to assist with your study or work; and to provide beautiful music for your life. With our albums we provide extensive documentation in PDF form, for each digital download album; and with printed CD booklets for our CDs. Our goal is to serve others with good things that fulfill wholesome human needs.

Revolutionary Audio-File Access Policy

Our generous license grant includes freedom to copy and use raw files freely within your family

When you buy our products, you get the raw sound and visual files to store on your own storage devices. We don’t lock the files up in any vendor’s Music Store where you can’t actually possess them. You can copy them from device-to-device throughout your family, for personal use. (Limited sharing outside your family; no commercial use, no online sharing is allowed. See our license PDF. We have been generous.)

We Honor Your Privacy

No ads, no creepy tracking and no affiliate marketing

We value our privacy as well as yours. We don’t sell our mailing list nor customer information to anyone: it is to serve our customers. (However, on our website your information is handled according to their privacy policy, not ours.) In addition to regular email (from any email provider), you can communicate with us through ProtonMail—as well as snail mail, the postal service—if you want the highest level of privacy and security. For more details, please see our Contact Us PDF.

It Is As If You, Yourself, Are There

You hear just what the microphones “heard.” Period.

We never loop sounds; instead, we spend more time in the field recording. We never filter, equalize, compress or otherwise shape our sounds: this is true on all archive recordings and almost all of our albums (but not on River of Life). We have enhanced the bass on a few quiet sounds, such as a distant tree fall; we synthesized a winter snowstorm for River of Ice using wind and ocean surf, for example. We often boost the volume of the track from the field recording (without compression), to make the tracks’ overall level be optimal for playback. On some albums, such as the Roosevelt elk recordings on Ancient Forest – Fall & Winter, we have taken long pieces and edited out sections: this we call condensing. (The sounds are not otherwise changed, except, perhaps, for sensitive sound level adjustment.) Thus from nearly 2 hours of elk recordings we presented just over 10 minutes of recordings. We do this condensing to make the tracks shorter, so that on an album showcasing an area or a theme, we can present it in a traditional album length.

Leave A Legacy

Download and buy our products—pass them on to your children

Our founder Jonathon Storm worked, from 1985-1998, trying to make a living wage recording and publishing nature sounds: he never did. Then, from 1998-2022, all he could do was continue to pay the bills with his day job, record on a weekend or two a year, and archive his sounds. Finally he awoke from this demoralization to realize he had to pass this invaluable treasury on to the next generation: he initiated the EARTHTUNES website. Our founder still supports his family with his day job, while volunteering to share the EARTHTUNES works with others. In the coming years he hopes to introduce his first artistic heir—a fellow recordist. And Jonathon hopes to, over the remaining decades of his life, share all his recording locations, documentation and computer wallpapers so others can discover nature sound listening and recording. Will you support us in this work by buying and using our products? Will you pass them on to your children? (Our license gives you the right to bequeath our digital products to one family, who should each do so in their generation, for generation after generation, forever.)

You Get Only Our Work

You’ll never find pirated sounds on our albums.

A significant number of nature sound albums and videos use sounds stolen from others. Our morals and ethics will not allow us to do that—ever. Our work is exclusively ours. (You will find that we use freely-available intellectual property, such as topographic maps, to supplement, enhance and extend our works: we do this to integrate our work in the larger community and world.)