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by Jonathon Storm

Jonathon Storm, founder

Since the age of 15 Jonathon R. H. Storm has been exploring the wild areas of planet Earth: recording, observing, backpacking, camping, rappelling, climbing, canoeing, exploring, bird- watching and studying. EARTHTUNES was an outgrowth of this life-long passion.

Jonathon recorded professionally from 1983 through 1996, and has logged nearly 36 months of field recording over the years. He has produced 11 albums, published by EARTHTUNES. (The Great Smoky Mountains National Park titles were published by Cornell University’s Macauly Library of Natural Sounds, The EARTHTUNES discography is in the EARTHTUNES thematic album catalog. The EARTHTUNES series has been distributed internationally as well as in North America. In America Jonathon has left a mark by creating commercial nature sound recordings which are both educational and entertaining; National Park visitor center bookstores were among his best customers.

Currently Jonathon supports his family designing information systems.