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by Jonathon Storm

Our Community

We’re building a global inter-generational community of nature sound lovers, one customer at a time.

Our micro-business and our community of customers from around the world are drawn together by a shared vision of living our lives connected to the natural world. We experience the beauty of the natural world virtually, in our homes, workplaces and vehicles through nature sound albums, images and other creative works. And some of us spend time physically in the wilderness or a local natural setting: listening, recording or simply being there. Walking along a beach and enjoying the surf; spending part of a day at work, on a computer, out on the porch in the sunshine and wind; or simply sleeping out under the stars. We need the enrichment that nature’s beautiful music and artistry brings to our day-to-day lives, satisfying core human needs of connection to the non-man- made-world.

EARTHTUNES walks out this vision by producing and publishing high-quality, true-to-nature albums and tracks, and selling them at a reasonable price. We have a revolutionary license agreement: you actually possess our tracks’ sound files without having them locked up in someone else’s Music Store. And our license requests that you preserve and pass on, through one family, all the products you got from us—that they and every generation after them may also enjoy the timeless wilderness beauty.